2014’s Most Reliable Cars

When car-owners are considering purchasing a new vehicle, the reliability of the vehicle is top of their agenda. Rapid performance, supreme comfort, off-road capability, not to mention plethora of additional features are hardly useful if you cannot get from point A to point B without the vehicle breaking down.

The following is a short list of the most reliable cars of 2014, as voted by the readers of Auto Express.

Toyota Prius Mk2 and Mk3

These hybrid vehicles are renowned for their reliability. Both generations can be found on the road in abundance, and are as reliable as one another. Their electric-petrol engines offer so much more than simply being an environmentally-friendly engine. Since 1998 these cars have been synonymous with reliability, with an owners’ survey indicating the high score of 98% satisfaction on the reliability scale.

Honda Jazz Mk2

Readers of Auto Express have voted the Honda Jazz Mk2 the most reliable car in Britain for 2014. This stylish supermini has proven to be very popular. Hardly the most exciting or drivable car on the road, the Honda Jazz does have one very important selling point – its reliability. A solid and highly dependable car, the Honda Jazz will continue to run no matter the amount of miles on the clock.

Lexus CT

Despite the fact that the Lexus CT does not carry the Toyota badge, it does feature some of the hybrid technology that the Toyota does. One of the principal selling-points of the Lexus CT is that the vehicle has a rock-solid and dependable power train. A great car to own, the Lexus CT is also a very reliable saloon car.

Audi Q3

A compact SUV that’s a direct rival to the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, the Audi Q3 has both of its competitors beaten hands down when it comes to reliability. Built with a wealth of high-quality materials, the Q3 feels solid and is sold with a three year warranty with breakdown cover as standard.

Kia Rio Mk3

The Honda Jazz may receive all the plaudits as the most reliable supermini, but the Kia Rio isn’t too far behind. With a 1.1litre diesel engine that emits just 85g/km o CO2 and great fuel economy, the Kia Rio Mk3 has additional features that elevate the supermini as one of the more sought-after superminis available today.

These five cars must be considered by anyone considering purchasing a vehicle that offers excellent reliability. Whether you’re in the market for a hot hatch or saloon, or even compact SUV and have the reliability of the vehicle of paramount concern, these vehicles are what you should be considering.