A Brief History of Volvo Trucks

One of the most iconic sights on the road, Volvo trucks has a surprisingly exciting history – one that has become renowned in the motoring trade. Indeed, the history of Volvo trucks can be summed up as one of the most storied in the motoring trade.

The Beginning

As a subgroup of the Volvo Group, the first Volvo Group was first introduced to the market in 1927, from a factory in Sweden. The first truck produced was the Series 1 that was released in 1928.

Throughout the 1930’s the rapid growth of Volvo was evident. The new and improved Volvo’s were slightly old fashioned compared to their competitors, however Volvo quickly caught up to the market and became the leaders in the Nordic region.

The World Stage

More than eighty years on Volvo Trucks can be found in more than 130 countries worldwide. With more than 650 dealerships and 1450 dedicated workshops Volvo are by far the third largest manufacturers of heavy duty trucks. Volvo keeps 9 assembly plants across the world, and eight factories owned by their local partners. This humble Swedish company soon became a European company with assemblies in both Belgium and Scotland.

Volvo first entered the US market in 1959. By the mid 1970’s Volvo of America Corporation was founded and from this point forward they never looked back.

The Evolution

By the end of the 1950’s the design of Volvo trucks was slightly modified, but it stayed much the same. The engines, however, underwent major changes. The older trucks had been used with a basic pre-chamber combustion diesel engine that guzzled fuel. Volvo then introduced an efficient direct-injection diesel engine.

Volvo Trucks were, in many ways, the pioneer of turbo-charged truck engines. These engines made it possible to build trucks that could lift heavier weights, a legacy that lies on today with Volvo trucks having the ability to carry a weight of up to 16 tones.

Built to withstand the cold, harsh climate of Sweden, the reliability and strength of Volvo Trucks is unquestioned. When combined with Volvo’s reputation for safety, Volvo will always be on the podium of commercial trucks.