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UK’s Best Locations for EV Drivers

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Countries around the world are making drastic changes to laws in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally conscious. Many countries, including the UK, are focussing on transport and the automotive industry. Utilising more renewable energy and increasing dependence on Electric Vehicles should see a decline in carbon emissions.

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What are the most (and least) reliable car manufacturers in the UK? [Infographic]

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The reliability of a car is a valuable asset. Not only can it be very inconvenient having an unreliable vehicle, but it is also very expensive to run and repair.

The Reliability Index takes into account numerous factors, such as the number of times a car fails, the cost of repairing it, the average amount of time it spends off the road due to repairs the average age and mileage of the vehicles they have on their books. Using this data, each manufacturer is awarded a Reliability Index Rating, with the lowest score being the most reliable.
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Hybrid Cars: Why People Are Trading In

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Hybrid cars are quickly becoming a more popular choice of vehicle amongst drivers. Now more so than ever, we are conscious of how our everyday lives and choices affect our environment. Vehicles relying on fossil fuels are no longer a viable or responsible long-term solution for our driving needs, and electric plug-in vehicles are yet to fully convince us of their reliability and versatility in different terrains and journey-lengths.

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