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Three Basic Car Maintenance Tips

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Car ownership is so much more than putting petrol or diesel in the tank and occasionally running your car through a car wash. There are a number of basic maintenance tips that motorists should know. Knowledge of how to look after your car has the potential to protect your car against the potential of breakdowns or accidents. Here are three basic car maintenance tips that everyone should know.

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A Brief History of the BMW 5 Series

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One of the more renowned and recognised cars in the world, the BMW 5 Series has a long and storied history, beginning in 1972. The first generation BMW 5 Series was produced in 1972 and ran till 1981. Not nearly as popular as they are today, the car of 1972 had a much smaller engine and was predominantly found across Europe; the USA had yet to buy into this new German saloon.

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The Reasons Why 3D Wheel Alignment is Paramount

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One of the more integral vehicle safety measures is to make sure that all four wheels are perfectly aligned. Even minute misalignment can create problems with vehicle handling, and in the worst case scenario, be a factor in vehicle accidents.

Vehicle misalignment can be caused by a wealth of different factors. From improper vehicle construction to consistent driving across uneven terrain, there are a number of different factors that contribute to poor vehicle realignment.

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