Feel the difference with Air Conditioning Servicing

Most modern cars are fitted with air conditioning as standard today, but how many drivers bother to have their air-con units serviced at some point? The answer is not many. Whilst vehicle owners love to feel the refreshing blow of climate control on a hot summer’s day, it seems they’re not too eager to service air conditioning systems at regular intervals.

Not only does this make the interior of vehicles a little stuffy and uncomfortable, it could have an impact on the overall running of the car. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, have a re-gas, and get air conditioning serviced now, you’ll notice the different due to:

Cooler interior

It’s no fun sitting inside a sweltering car, especially if you are stranded in a traffic jam with nowhere to go. Day trips are quickly ruined thanks to uncomfortable travel arrangements, if you have ever sat inside a hot car with no means of relief, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Take road trips over the summer and these are the times you want your air conditioning working perfectly, not blowing warm air. Create the ideal interior temperature, have your air conditioning serviced now, do this before the temperature starts to rise.

Greater efficiency

Have your air conditioning system serviced and this is the perfect opportunity to spot any minor leaks. If you have gas leaking from the air conditioning, no matter how minor this might seem, the efficiency of the system could be hindered. Have a service and your air conditioning is hooked up to diagnostic equipment, minor faults are spotted, the system is checked and tested for efficiency, and when you get your car back, the air con blows ice cold, and works effectively.

Better performance

Most garages recommend a service on a car’s air conditioning system once a year, or at the very least, every two years maximum. After a while you might notice your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t blowing as cold as it used to, and the performance has taken a turn for the worse.  With a regular service you have greater confidence knowing you’ll have cool air to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the summer, no matter how hot the temperature is outside.

Our standard Air Con service includes:

  • Leak Test
  • System Control Checks
  • Receiver Drier Replacement
  • Duct Temperature and Gauge Pressure Tests
  • Component Checks
  • System Drained, Dehydrated and Recharged with Refrigerant and Oil

Have an air conditioning service, it’s a smart way to stay cool throughout the year, if you want to book your next maintenance schedule, contact us here at Mercury Car Centre.