How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring – Five Tips

Now that the spring months are almost upon us, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. We all come out of home hibernation to enjoy the welcomed weather. When the springtime dawns those that invest a considerable amount of time driving should be responsible and prepare their car.


Here is a list of seven tips to prepare your vehicle for the spring:


Spring Clean


Just as homeowners choose the spring time for a good sort out, so to should car owners. Cars aren’t immune to season wear and tear, especially throughout months of adverse weathers conditions. Should any salt deposits be present on the bodywork, this will cause rusting if left unattended to. It’s important to comprehensively wash the car thorough to stop salt rusting your car.


Air Conditioning


One feature of your vehicle that, more likely than not, won’t have been given much mileage throughout the winter months is the air conditioning. The spring months are the best time of year to check to see if the air conditioning is in good working order, and that no foul smells are emitted when you switch it on. Should you encounter a strange smell, this may be a sign of a mould build up in the filter.


Windscreen Washing Liquid


As the months become warmer in temperature, an abundance of unwelcomed flies and other insects will become more and more visible. Car owners are advised to habitually wash the windscreen and headlamps. This is the best way to rid your vehicle of flies. Full windscreen washing liquid will allow you to effectively and easily remove rid your car of flies and insects.

Remember: windscreen wipers won’t remove flies and insects from your windscreen.


Wiper Blades


There are few driving experiences more difficult than when facing adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain. The start of spring is a great time to check and if necessary replace wiper blades that are noisy or insufficient. Not only do poor wiper blades provide poor cleaning to your windscreen, but could be a hazard in adverse weather.


Wheel Alignment


As we have previously explored in an earlier blog, having sturdy and perfectly aligned wheels is paramount. Incorrect wheel alignment can result in poor petrol consumption, vehicle safety issues, and handling difficulty. The spring months are the ideal time of year to check that all the wheels are perfectly in line, thereby assuring one vital aspect of vehicle safety.

Responsible and safe motoring requires that all car owners be aware of how to keep their vehicle in optimal working order all year round. The start of spring is an ideal time of year to check your car to ensure it’s safe for use throughout the spring and summer.