How to prevent the four most common Auto Repairs

As we all know, automotive repairs can be notoriously expensive, and seem to befall us at the most inconvenient times. However many automatic repairs can be prevented through sound vehicle maintenance. Here is a breakdown of the six most common automotive repairs that can be prevented through sound vehicle maintenance.

Misfiring Engines

When spark plugs fail to fire, or fire at inappropriate times, your engine will misfire, or fail to fire at all. Mechanics will quote a range of different costs to resolve the issue, ranging from reasonably inexpensive to inflated costs that will put a serious dent in your wallet. All car owners are advised to change the spark plugs every sixty thousand miles regardless of the condition of the vehicle. Engines should be always be kept in sound working order, and vehicles should be subjected to an annual trouble-scan to identify any potential problems. This ensures that small issues don’t become major issues.

Evaporative Emissions Systems Control (EVAP) Leaks and Failures

EVAP systems trap gas tank fumes and ensure that gas and vapours are kept separate. Corrosion often damages the system lines, and occasionally the EVAP canister can fail. Motorists are advised to refasten the cap tightly after refuelling. Sound practice dictates that turning the cap until it clicks on at least three separate occasions is essential, as is having a good rust protection application to minimise any corrosion on the system lines.

The Error of ‘System too Lean’

This indicator can appear for several reasons. These range from the vehicle requiring a software update to a serious engine fault. The more common reasons for this indicator appearing are poor vacuum lines are issues with the injector drive. It’s recommended that all motorists regularly service their vehicle as mechanics will be able to spot issues such as these and resolve them immediately.

The Brake Pads

All motorists must remember to replace their brake pads. Not only are brake pads essential for maintain the safety of your vehicle but, once they wear out, replacing them is very costly. It’s important that all motorists listen for screeching or grinding sounds when stopping. These noises indicate that the brake pads require the attention of a mechanic.

To conclude, if you have any indication that your engine is malfunctioning, or if you believe that you need the expertise of a mechanic, it’s imperative to contact a mechanic. Engine indicators are present on your vehicle for a reason – don’t ignore them.