What is A Power Steering Service?

A power steering service is a type of maintenance performed on your car’s power steering system. This system uses hydraulic fluid and a pump to make it easier to turn the steering wheel, especially at low speeds and when parking.

At JLR Essex, we provide a reliable power steering service for your Jaguar or Land Rover. This service involves a complete renewal of your car’s power steering fluid. The thorough pressure flush of the system means that 100% of the fluid is exchanged leaving no degraded oil to contaminate your system.

The oil of your hydraulic steering system degrades over time. This means the oil becomes thinner which can reduce the efficiency of the system and compromise the seals. These issues can lead to oil leaks or in extreme cases, loss of your power steering.

How Do I Know When My Jaguar/Land Rover Needs a Power Steering Service?

A power steering service is a preventative maintenance service. You may notice a change in the weight of the steering or handling of your car, but really it’s something to protect your investment long-term and avoid any costly repairs further down the road.

How often do you need a power steering service?

Most manufacturers recommend servicing the steering every 40000- 80000 miles to keep it in optimal condition.

You will know when your Jaguar/Land Rover needs a power steering service because your car may exhibit the following issues:

  • The steering wheel is hard to turn, especially at low speeds or when parking.
  • You hear a grinding or whining noise when you turn the steering wheel.
  • There is a leak in power steering fluid.
  • The power steering warning light is on.

How Much Is A Power Steering Service?

A power steering service falls under the repair and maintenance services that we offer. At JLR Essex are specialists in independent Jaguar repairs and servicing at competitive prices. With us, there are no hidden costs or complicated explanations, we’re up to 60% cheaper than main dealer prices.

Power Steering Service With JLR Essex

We have over 20 years of experience providing exceptional repairs and maintenance to Jaguars, Land Rovers and other vehicles. We aim to be a cost-effective alternative to the main dealers, yet providing a professional and friendly service along with very competitive pricing. You get complete peace of mind with a fully protected guarantee, as we use original equipment quality parts and Castrol Oil, we can offer a national guarantee for 24 months or 24,000 miles. We will not carry out any service work or any repair without your authorisation.

Why Choose JLR Essex For Your Jaguar/Land Rover Repairs and Maintenance?

Here are some reasons why we make a difference:

Dealer Level Service at Independent Prices

  • The latest Manufacturers diagnostic equipment
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Two years or 24,000 miles guarantee on all works carried out
  • For the larger unexpected bill, we can offer Payment Assist to split the costs of the bill into 4 equal payments INTEREST FREE (subject to T&C)
  • Free MOT With Every Service
  • Location Collection and Delivery Within 15 Miles Of Our Garage
  • Save up to 40% off main dealer repairs and servicing