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    There are a lot more people out on the roads than there were some twenty or thirty years ago. With more drivers on the road, …


    How to Winterise your Car and Driveway

    As the winter months draw near, it’s important to ensure you’re ready for the cold weather. You may have taken steps to prepare your home …


    The coolest Bond car tricks (and how close they are to being a reality)?

    With the latest reports from Hollywood prophesying a third delay to the release of the latest action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled, tire-screeching Bond installment — No Time to …


    September Electric Vehicle Sales

    With new UK car registrations falling 4.4% in September from a year earlier, this made it the worst September this century, in the industry’s second …


    UK’s Best Locations for EV Drivers

    Countries around the world are making drastic changes to laws in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally conscious. Many countries, …


    What are the most (and least) reliable car manufacturers in the UK? [Infographic]

    The reliability of a car is a valuable asset. Not only can it be very inconvenient having an unreliable vehicle, but it is also very …


    Hybrid Cars: Why People Are Trading In

    Hybrid cars are quickly becoming a more popular choice of vehicle amongst drivers. Now more so than ever, we are conscious of how our everyday …


    Road Trip Essentials: 44 Things You Need to Remember

    Wondering what you need to remember for a brilliant road trip? Look no further! Mercury Cars have compiled the ultimate road trip checklists, both for the items you need to pack and how to prepare your car!


    The 10 Best Low Tax Cars That You Can Buy Right Now

    There are a lot of details to think about when buying a car, not just with the vehicle itself, but also how much money you are spending once the car has been bought.

    Usually, there are two financial payments to think about after you’ve purchased the vehicle. The first is car insurance and the other is road tax.


    Common Engine Problems And Simple Fixes

    As a driver, you trust your car and expect it start when you turn the key in the ignition. Say it doesn’t start though? Suppose the engine turns over but fails to fire, how inconvenient and annoying would this be?

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