For any vehicle to be considered roadworthy it must pass an MOT. It may seem like a time consuming and expense process, one that may even be inconvenient, but the truth is that, your car must pass an MOT.

The good news is that providing your car is regularly serviced and maintained sufficiently, it should pass its MOT.

There are a number of checks that consumers can perform prior to the MOT to ensure that the test is completed as quickly as possible. Have a read at the below information for what you can do to prepare your vehicle for its MOT.

Clean the Car

If your car is caked in mud and dirt, it’s wise to give it a quick clean prior to undertaking the MOT. Not only do you, as the car’s owner show professionalism and consideration for the MOT centre, but it is much more difficult for an MOT examiner to complete the exam when a car is mucky. Make sure that the number plates are clearly visible and that the underneath of the vehicle isn’t cake in muck and grime too.

Empty the Boot 

It’s best to empty the boot to ensure that the car isn’t carrying any excess weight. Additionally, any clutter could potentially hinder the test.

The Handbrake and Brake Pedals

You should test the handbrake lever to assess its performance. It the handbrake lever is pulled up too far, or if it feels loose, the cable may need to be adjusted. Additionally, test the brake pedals by pushing them down with your feet. If the pedals feel resistant, they should be tested prior to the actual MOT test.

Check the Lights

Before the MOT you should check the vehicle lights. Test the brake lights, indicator, headlights and any number plate lights. Should you spot a bulb that isn’t illuminating, this should be reported to the mechanic.

Check the Tyres

It’s wise to check the tyres for any bald spots. Also make sure to check whether the tyres have any objects sticking out from them. If the tread on the tyres is worn to less the one point six millimetres, the tyres will need to be replaced immediately. Worn tyres are considered to be one of the most common reasons for cars failing their MOT.

Final Checks

Before you submit your car for its MOT there are a few different checks that you should complete. Firstly, check that the horn and ignition works. Secondly, make sure that the windscreen wipers and washers are in full working order, and finally seat belts. These also may cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.

Preparing your car for its MOT is a task that every motorist should complete. It may even make the difference between your car passing and failing.