The benefits of an independent garage

There is a wealth of benefits to choosing an independent garage over a dealership when opting to have your car serviced. If you’re wondering what the specific benefits are to using an independent garage, have a read below.

Smaller, independent garages offer that personal service. This fact cannot be underestimated. Motorists that receive that personal touch are more likely than not to return for a second visit as a relationship of trust has been established.

Smaller garages offer cheaper prices. With fewer overheads, including staff, the cost of servicing and repair work can be considerably lower than car manufacturer’s prices. The standard of work won’t be compromised but, in more cases than not, consumers are treated to more competitive prices.

Smaller independent garages aren’t restricted by corporate guidelines. Such guidelines can lead to arbitrary changes in regulations being made that affect consumers. This is best illustrated by the fact that dealership garages can charge for initial consultations as well as the time taken for any work to be completed. Independent garages don’t offer the same service.

Smaller garages don’t void your warranty. A common misconception is that consumers need to use the dealership to service their vehicle, otherwise the warranty becomes void. This is simply untrue. There is a wealth of independent garages that offer the same standard of work at a cheaper cost that doesn’t void the warranty.

Smaller garages rely on reputation. In business, reputation is pivotal. In many cases, the reputation of a garage can make the difference between using the business or not. In order to secure the success of an independent garage, they must have a reputation that’s second to none. Consumers are assured that the prowess of their services as they have a reputation the demands as much.

There is a wealth of benefits to choosing an independent garage over manufacturers. Those that choose to use manufacturers may be being over-charged for a service that they don’t need to be.