The Definition of Engine Re-Mapping

In basic terms, ECU remapping is the process of fine tuning your engine to get maximum power output. This is achieved by accessing the engine management system (ECU) and tweaking it.

Today most vehicles rely heavily on computer controlled engine management systems. The engines feature an array of sensors that monitor a wealth of features, from the throttle position to the airflow and crank position. The signals are then sent to the ECU and processed to give the best engine performance for any driving condition.

Why Re-Map my ECU?

All vehicles are distributed throughout the world adopting a single ECU design. This ECU is considers a multitude of different factors that are necessary for safe and legitimate export. From climate to emissions and fuel quality ECU’s store a vast selection of data. ECUs are not optimised for an individual centre.

What ECU Remapping Does

The technology in an ECU will read your engine’s map file, modify the engine’s capabilities and then re-upload the data back to the ECU. Companies should always take the time to identify the individual your personal requirements and what you wish to achieve from the re-map.

Each ECU re-mapping will tailor the mapping to your engine. This process will allow you to access and release additional power and torque without worrying about reliability issues. Owners have reported that after the process has been completed increased fuel economy – however it should be noted that this does depend on your driving style.

ECUs also allow for increasing driving flexibility through the rev range, allowing for smoother acceleration and greater overtaking capabilities.

Don’t skimp on cost

Like any other product, the more that you’re prepared to pay, the better the better the quality of the ECU. Some companies do use stocks of maps that are cheaply available online, though this data is not tailored to your individual needs. If installed there is a risk that the data could damage your vehicle. It’s essential that you identify the specific ECUs for your vehicle.

Prior to remapping any engine it’s imperative that you carry a full vehicle diagnostics. This will allow you to check your engine thoroughly and identify any problems that may require additional attention. It should be pointed out that engine remapping will not cause engine failure but it can exacerbate any additional issues that you may be experiencing with your engine. Any engine suffering with maladies should not have an ECU chip installed.

Engine remapping can greatly enhance the performance and efficiency of your engine. If you’re considering having an ECU installed, contact a reputable supplier.